About Us

Totalfix pioneers in delivering customer-centric services for numerous clients in the UAE. Whether maintenance or renovation works; each work is perfectly designed for every client to meet their needs and at a fair price. We deliver our services with punctuality and professional approaches using the latest technical methods in which the best quality work is assured.

Our Expert Team

Our skilled team is committed in delivering reliable and responsive service that are especially tailored for you to satisfy you fully. Backed by deep industry knowledge and know-how, they have successfully completed numerous projects and service tasks with superior customer experience and complete client satisfaction.

Our Mission

"To fix it totally"

We intend to offer our customers the broadest selection of technical services, the most innovative solutions, and the highest-quality of service at an affordable price.
At Totalfix, we are not afraid to be different – our principle is to go that extra mile and see what could serve our clients the best. Our commitment, customer-centric policies, adherence to quality, honest teams, and the constant quest to improvement drives us forward to become the best among other technical services companies in the UAE.

Our Vision

"To lead totally"

To be people's first choice as a 'total' technical services provider in the UAE. Totalfix aims to become a leader in its field through providing comprehensive range of reliable technical services under one roof. We are committed to constantly seek the latest technical methods to deliver higher quality projects that are better tomorrow than they are today.

Our Values

"We do it totally"

  • TTotal Fix Customers: Building relationship and exceeding expectations
  • OOperational Excellence: Creating better ways to improve what we do
  • TTotal Fix Team: Fostering growth-oriented environments for continuous learning and respect
  • AAccountability: Committing to ethical conduct across all our business dealings and activities
  • LLeadership: Working together to win and succeed

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